Saturday, 27 June 2015


Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes in Au Naturel and Oh So Special
Very late to the game but I finally got my hands on some Sleek eyeshadow palettes! I got these from Luxola and chose Au Naturel and Oh So Special (I've got promo codes for these at the end of the post yay!!). 

I love the clean black packaging of these palettes and the fact that they come with a full size mirror. As for the quality of the shadows, I found the lighter matte shades are a tad sheer and don't really show up on my tanned skin. The dark mattes and metallic shades however, have fantastic colour payoff! See swatches below.

Sleek Au Naturel swatches
Sleek Oh So Special swatches

 My favourite palette at the moment is Oh So Special which has a good mix of pinks/neutrals and a few jewel toned shades in matte and metallic finishes. I've put together this little pictorial to show you how to get one of the many looks you could get from this very versatile palette. All products pictured above are available from the Luxola Eye Makeup range.

The simple metallic eye look I've come up with!
Apply Celebrate to the outer third of the eye (metallic eggplant. I've already prepped my lids with Rimmel Scandaleyes Bad Girl Bronze)
Apply Gift Basket to the lid (metallic dusty rose)
Blend out the edges with The Mail (matte skintone)
Apply a little bit of Noir to the outer corner (matte black)
Apply Celebrate to the lower lashline
Line your eyes with K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Waterproof Eyeliner
Finish off with lashes! I'm using Chloe lashes by Lavie.
The complete look with Rimmel Dark Knight Waterloops lipstick and Nars Deep Throat blush.
Hope you guys like the look and if you're interested in checking out any of the eye products I've used, you can get them from the Luxola website. Feel free to use the code BLX-SANDY for 15% off first time orders for the next month! xx

Thursday, 5 March 2015


One way to make your skincare routine more fun is to use products you really love. One of my favourite brands that I’ve been using religiously for nearly a year is Puretopia.

Puretopia is an Australian natural skincare brand. All their products are free from parabens and sulfates, use only ethically sourced ingredients and no animal testing whatsoever.

There’s a lot to love in the range but these are my top picks that I can’t live without and would confidently recommend these to my family and friends.

Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Body Polish
Glowingly Smooth Body Polish: 

I’ve raved about this a few times already. This is the best body scrub I’ve ever used. It’s has Amazonian Acai berry and Guarana to stimulate and detoxify your skin and smells amazing, like lime cola.  It’s packed with walnut shell which is an amazing gentle but effective exfoliant so you can actually feel it scrubbing all the dead skin cells off. My skin feels ridiculously smooth and soft after using this, hands down my favourite from the range.

Sensitive Care Shampoo & Conditioner: 

Puretopia also does haircare! It’s a little embarrassing to admit but I have a chronically dry and flaky scalp. I’ve established it’s not dandruff, my scalp it just sensitive to harsh products and gets flaky. I’ve used Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, Clear and a couple of other dry scalp targeted products but the only thing that has worked is this. These are sulphate free so they don’t foam up like regular shampoo. They also don’t leave build up in your hair so at first, your hair might feel a bit dry but overtime, it becomes stronger, healther and scalp is more balanced. I’ve been doing a 3 month trial of another shampoo range at the moment so my scalp isn’t in the best condition. I’ll be switching back to this right after.     

Puretopia Hydrating & Rejuvenating Hair Mask

Pure Treatment Hair Mask: 

This has argan, macadamia and almond oils in it to condition your hair. Once a week after shampooing, I’ll slather this onto the mid-lengths of my hair, clip it up and leave in for 10 minutes while I go about the rest of my routine. It rinses out pretty easily but my hair feels smoother and softer after. It’s silicone free with sunflower oil to protect your hair against heat styling.

Puretopia Whisk Away Creamy Cleanser and Purify & Revive Clay Mask
Whisk Away Creamy Cleanser:  

I always start my mornings with this smooth creamy cleanser that gently whisks away the excess oil and grime without stripping it raw and dry. It’s loaded with skin loving ingredients such as Shea Butter, Olives and Rosehip to nourish your skin. It won’t remove heavy duty waterproof makeup though so best use a good makeup remover first.

Purify & Revive Clay Mask:

Once a week I like to do a deeper cleanse with the Purify & Revive Clay Mask. It’s thinner and runnier than most clay masks so when you apply it, you apply the thinnest layer possible. As it sets and hardens, it draws all the impurities from your pores out to the surface and when you wash it away, you skin feels so soft and clean. Definitely follow it up with the Sleep & Renew moisturiser.

Puretopia Daily Face and Sleep & Renew Moisturisers

Daily Face SPF 15 Moisturiser:  

Puretopia moisturisers have a thicker texture but they feel insanely nourishing. I love this most for my makeup free days because it keeps my skin feeling plump and hydrated for longer and thus looks healthier than using a moisturiser that’s so light it disappears after a minute.

Sleep & Renew Night Face Moisturiser:  

My favourite moisturiser of the 3 Puretopia has to offer. It will feed your skin with rosehip, primrose and avocado oils. It also has bioactive peptides and Vitamins for anti ageing. It feels so potent and the next morning, my face feels firmer and smoother. A must have night cream!

There you have it, my top picks from this natural face, hair and body care line. Puretopia is available in Priceline and pharmacies across Australia. The hair and body range is harder to track down but most pharmacies that carry the brand are willing to order in for you if you ask nicely :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Good skin will not only make you feel better but your makeup will look better too. There is so much advice out there about how you should be looking after your skin or how to achieve a flawless complexion but so much has been taken out of context that it becomes hard to separate fact from myth. In this post, I list 5 skincare habits that may be doing your skin more harm than good.

Cleansing till you're squeaky clean?

It is possible to wash your face too much. Your skin naturally produces oils to protect it and stripping these away with harsh gel cleansers just triggers your skin to produce more of it. Makes sense right? Use something gentle to wash away the excess without drying out your skin. I think cream cleansers are great whether you have oily or dry skin. For oily skin, I’d suggest the Iluka Nourishing Cream Cleanser because it’s nice and light and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. For drier skin, the Puretopia Whisk Away is a little more hydrating containing shea butter and rosehip oil. If you’re wearing heavy duty makeup, you will need something tougher that’s still gentle, I use the Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser.

Drenched in moisturiser.

Just like over washing, you can also over moisturise. Really? that sounds ridiculous.

I used to slap on layers of intensive moisturisers to try feed my skin as much as possible but after a while, it’s as if my skin stopped feeding itself and would become very dry any time I didn’t use layers of moisturiser. If you feel like your moisturisers disappeared after a minute, try to wean your skin off with something lighter. I’ve been using the Iluka Light Day Cream and Luxe Night Cream. They have thinner texture so they’re quick to absorb but keep my skin from feeling tight and dry. Over time, your skin will re-balance and won't need as much moisturiser to stay soft and supple.

Scrub me silly.

Back in my acne days, I had no one giving me any proper advice so I used to scrub my face with a shower puff thinking that would clean it but it just aggravated my skin and made everything worse. Be careful of rough, gritty exfoliators because if you use too much pressure, it could irritate and damage your skin. I’ve been using the Indeed Labs powdered exfoliator which you mix with water to create a puffy paste. It’s loaded with enzymes to gently dissolve away dead skin cells so no need for harsh scrubbing.

Squeeze Me?

I’m obsessed with squeezing out my blackheads and clogged pores. It’s so grose but soooo satisfying and addictive. I’m not the only one right? 

That was big mistake because now I have broken capillaries around my nose so I’m trying to stop. I love this Exfoliating Scrub Mask by Quick Fix Facials. The pink clay helps to draw out the crap from your pores to make it easier to extract and prevent them from clogging up. It’s actually a mask and a scrub all in one. You leave on your face for about 10 minutes and then gently scrub as you rinse it off and the fact that it smells like play-doh, is a big bonus for me :)

Not using protection.

You don’t need to be told to wear sunscreen do you? The Aussie sun is super harsh and the sun can be really damaging to your skin. The easiest way to manage this is use a moisturiser with a high spf in it. The Iluka day cream I use only have an spf 6 which isn’t enough so on days where I know I’ll be exposing myself to the sun, I use the Olay Complete SPF 30+. It feels like a regular moisturiser and works nicely under makeup without the heavy, greasy sunscreen feel. A staple in my skincare arsenal for many years now <3

So there you have it, 5 skincare habits you may not have realised were doing your skin more harm than good. It's all about balance, don't overdo anything and try to use gentle products where possible. Remember to drink plenty of water, your skin will thank you!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NEW Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation with Comfort Serum and 25hr Nude*

Today I’m reviewing Rimmels latest foundations, the Lasting Finish 25hr with Comfort Seurm and Lasting Finish 25hr Nude. These come in the same style packaging as the Match Perfection and old Renew & Lift but the Nude has a white lid. I have both of these in 200 Soft Beige.

I’ve always loved the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundations and have used and finished every single one. My favourites have been the original 12hr and the most recent 25hr so of course I was the keenest of beans to try these two out.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude and 25hr with Comfort Serum in 200 Soft Beige

Starting with the regular formula, it a creamy liquid like all the others and is very easy to work with.  While it claims to have full coverage, I would say this is just a touch under completely full coverage. It’s not an issue for me but don’t expect this to be covering moles or tattoos. If you set it with a coloured powder, you’ll look pretty bloody flawless. On its own, it has a slight dewy finish and you should set it where you have oily skin.


The nude formula is very much the same and it has more coverage than I was expecting. It does claim to have medium coverage and it does but on my skin where I don’t have extreme redness or flaws, the difference between the two is barely noticeable.

Bare skin in natural light

Wearing the 25hr with Comfort Serum on the left and 25hr Nude on the right. Natural Light.

If you’ve watched my videos before, you may know that the original 25hr foundation is one of my favourites because of the shade 202 nude, flawless finish and how long it stays looking good on my face so, the big question is, are these new ones as good at this original formula?

Mmm it’s so hard to say, I really wanted to love these foundations but I just don’t feel right saying it’s as good. Maybe I scrutinise these too hard. I would definitely still consider these longwearing but I just think I prefer the last formula. I still love these and think they’re a good foundation. I will more than happily continue to use them but I just wish they didn’t discontinue the old one.

Artificial Lights with no flash

These also have SPF 20 in them which is good for daytime but means I won’t be able to use them for events where there will be flash photos being taken.

I’m going to start doing a cakeface* rating now for my foundation reviews just to make it a bit easier to compare so for my very first cake face rating, I score the regular formula an 8 and the nude formula a 7. As a reference to base off, I would give the previous formula a 9!

I hope you guys have found this review helpful and If you have any other questions about these, leave them down below and I’ll answer those at my earliest convenience!

Enjoy your day guys, bye!!

*the term cakeface does not indicate that these foundations will leave you looking cakefaced. It’s just a cute name ^^

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello :D

Today I'm doing a review that I've been meaning to do for the longest time, drum roll please...

I'm reviewing the cult favourite Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and the pressed powder. I picked up both of these from Mecca Maxima a while back, the foundation was $68 and the pressed powder was $52. Prices have now dropped so the foundation is only $59 and powder is $48.

We all know the Sheer Glow comes in a beautiful glass bottle but without a pump. You can purchase one seperately for an additional $4 and I was going to get one but when I found out you can't put the lid back on when you have the pump in, the thought of a foundation lid rolling around the back of my draw with no purpose in life made me a little sad so I decided to just keep the lid and deal with it.

I bought Sheer Glow with the intention of using it during the winter, I wanted something dry skin friendly - hydrating and not cling to dry patches. I'm not sure what Nars meant by the name "sheer glow"  because this foundation is not at all what I thought it would be. I don't think the coverage is sheer at all, if anything, the coverage is great and I don't even need concealer when I wear this foundation. As for the "glow", I was under the impression this would leave my skin feeling hydrated and look dewy. This foundation dries matte on me and feels dry on my skin compared to other fluid foundations such as MAC Face and Body or Rimmel Lasting Finish.

The reason it has taken me so long to review this product is that it's inconsistent. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I didn't. By now, I think I've managed to suss it out.


Under natural light, this makes me skin look dry and rough. It can't handle a 9 to 5 day in the office. (I actually work 8:30 to 5:30 but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it). By the end of the day, it's broken down and sliding around on my T-Zone.

At night! This looks great on camera and under artificial lights. My skin looks flawless and radiant and longevitiy doesn't really matter because I only need to look good for a few hours, I get to that certain point late at night where I stop caring about how my makeup looks.

Now moving on to the pressed powder, I bought this in the shade beach because going from the swatches on their website, this looked the most yellow. Sadly, I don't like this powder. It feels really dry in the pan and there are lumpy bits in it, not finely milled like MAC Studio Fix.

It's also not very pigmented. There's barely any colour so it doesn't give any coverage and doesn't feel like it does anything to benefit how my foundation looks or how it wears.

The bottom line is - I would not repurchased either of these. I'm sad to say I was a bit disappointed in these. I had high expectations for NARS and the amount of money I spent on them. The foundation is good but for $68, I'd like something I can wear day and night. The powder is just a miss for me. This won't stop me from try other NARS products, especially now that Mecca has lowered their prices. Do you have any NARS reccomendations?

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Indeed Launch: 11th June @ECQ Terrace Pullman
the hydraluron fambam + cousin exfoliator

Hi Guys!
Today I'm going to be telling you a little bit about one of my favourite skincare lines - hydraluron by Indeed Labs. The products in this range all contain a high grade hyaluronic acid with can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water to give you instant and sustained moisture. These magical little moisture boosters are a must have for the dry winter seasons.

hydraluron serum moistuer booster
The range began with this little serum which is now outselling their infamous nanoblur. It can be used morning and night, though I'm not really "all there" in the morning so I don't usually remember. I've been using it every night for a month now and my skin is handling the dry wind and indoor heating better than ever.

hydraluron moisture boosting mask

Next they launched the moisture boosting mask which is essentially a sheet mask saturated in hydraluron. It has next generation 3D hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention. 

What's strange is, while I use it, I feel like it isn't doing anything. It has no cooling or tingling sensation and it's completely fragrance free. However, once I remove it and massage in the remaining serum, my skin feels so soft, plumped and hydrated. Amazing stuff!

hydraluron moisture jelly

On the shelves in July will be the new hydraluron moisture jelly. It comes in a really cool container with a huge white button you push down to pump the product through to the top. Again, it's totally fragrance free and this one contains an ingredient called Patch2O which creates a moisture mesh over your skin to help with moisture retention.

powder powered exfoliator
In addition to the jelly release, Indeed Labs is also launching an exfoliator. This is a micro powder exfoliator that contains hyaluronic acid, okinawa red algae, rice bran powder and pineapple enzymes. Just shake some of the powder into your hand and mix it with water to create to create a light, fluffy, moussey paste. It's really fun the way it puffs up. You can use as little or as much as you like. You can also mix it in with your face cleanser or body wash.

This isn't one of those exfoliators you will 'feel working'. The enzymes and other ingredients in it help to gently dissolve those dead skin cells so you're not using what can be harsh abrasives that might damage your skin. Even though I can't feel the scrub, my skin is left very soft and smooth afterwards.

What I love about the hydraluron products is they're suitable for all skin types, whether you're normal, oily or dry. It will give you that moisture boost without leaving a greasy film so they are great for balancing out oily skin. There's also no shimmer, colour or scent so safe for men to use as long as they can handle the bright pink packaging :)
Those are my thoughts on these products. I genuinely love all of them and excited to try out some of the other products from Indeed Labs!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Hi Guys,

If you can't tell already, I'm a massive fan of Chi Chi's Glamorous Eyeshadow palettes, can't get enough of them. Chi Chi released 4 new ones - Naturals, Elegant, Smokeys and Metallics. I first got Elegant and Naturals but just picked up Metallics and Smokeys. You can check out my last post on the Elegant and Naturals palettes here. I've also got posts on the other palettes too, I'm thinking of doing a new swatch post for those since I have a better camera now.

I've done detailed a detailed video review for this palette (as well as the Elegant and Naturals)

Chi Chi Smokeys and Metallics